With the mining mafia digging out sand and stone near the pillars of two bridges on the Sutlej, these are in danger of collapsing.

Illegal sand, gravel mining goes on despite public protests

Even as it finally stopped raining on Sunday, after five days of continuous downpour, reports of more deaths and destruction poured in from across the state.

The Guru Gobind Singh Super Thermal Plant (GGSSTP) authorities seem not to care two hoots about the advice of environmentalists or the Punjab Pollution Control Board norms.

DCM Engineeering Products, a company manufacturing automotive engineering parts, has allegedly made the lives of people residing in three villages situated in the vicinity of its plant miserable by

Scorching heat coupled with insufficient drinking water has forced the residents of more than 24 villages in the Changar area to shift to temporary camps.

Panchayat in Ludhiana alleges contractor paid for work not done

Poor planning by the Water Supply and Sanitation Department while drafting a scheme to augment the water supply in Haripur and Harnampur villages in the district has proved a nightmare for local residents.

The nearly three-year ban on mining of sand and gravel at five quarries in the district is likely to be lifted this week.