Global warming and sea level rise On December 13, 2006, scientists warned that the Arctic ice is melting at a rate faster than was estimated. The ice has been shrinking steadily over the past 30

Researchers at the University of Toronto, Canada have been able to predict rises in sea level attributed to global warming. Usually global warming models predict that the poles will warm up quickly,

A German food laboratory found traces of potentially dangerous pesticide Dicofol and fungicides Procymidon and Chlorthalonil in six out of 20 random samples of imported strawberries reports Reuters

The Union government has various schemes to provide employment during drought. New schemes are mere replicas of old ones, and repeat their failures. Here is a brief sketch of some prominent ones

Nowhere does corruption in the administration have as disastrous consequences as in drought relief. A recent survey by the Rajasthan government shows that during the drought relief programme of 2000,

Live bacteria have been found inside a meteorite in the Naples museum, Italy. Two researchers at the University of Naples claim the bacteria are not from Earth. If this is proved true , it could

A study of abnormal mice reveals why we have five fingers on each hand. If animals grow more than five digits other bones in the limb become distorted to the point where the animal cannot walk or run

Electricity generated in space using light from the sun can now be converted into microwaves and transmitted to the Earth using techno

The government of Zimbabwe has

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