The provision of declaring Biodiversity Heritage Sites (BHS) in the National Biodiversity Act 2002 provides an opportunity to give recognition to the community initiatives vis-a-vis the institution of the sacred natural sites (SNS). In brief, the salient feature of the Biodiversity Act 2002, as relates to the BHS, is that the state government in consultation with the local bodies may notify in official gazette, biodiversity rich areas, including the SNS as BHS.

Cultural diversity is closely linked to biodiversity. The study of these interrelationships need to be studied mainly for the simple reason that culture is not only the ethical imperative for development, it is also a condition of its sustainability; for there exists a symbiotic relationship between habitats and cultures, between ecosystems and cultural identity, and that this relationship constitutes a determining factor in ensuring sustainable human development.

A miraculous mushroom, over exploited, is on the brink of extinction