Effect of rainwater harvesting (RWH) structures like Contour trench (CT), gradonie (GD), box trench (BT), V-ditch (VD) and afforestation with Emblica officinalis Gaertn (planted in August, 2005) were studied in 20% slopes with a view to improve soil status, plant growth, sequester carbon and rehabilitate hills for local benefits. Soil pH and EC decreased and percent soil, SOC, NO3-N and PO4-P increased in June 2010 over 2005. Enhanced soil water and nutrients in facilitated height and collar diameter growth of E. officinalis. Soil water was 14.0 and 51.4% greater in >20% and

A 9-year old Hardwickia binata Roxb. plants at a spacing of 5mx5m was intercropped with V. radiata (L.) Wilczek in 2003 to study interactive effects of trees on resource use and crop production.

In this study, evaluation of tiger habitat in Corbett Tiger reserve is carried out using remote sensing, ground and other ancillary sources and is integrated using GIS using multi-criteria model.