In this paper a new dimension has been added to watershed management by proposing a whole programme by reorienting Bioindustrial Watershed Management. Land holdings are small, and are getting smaller. Even after all the available agricultural production technology, the small land holder's income are still remain small.

Kosi, the river of sorrow of Bihar, is in the news. The news is really bad. As long expected by the professinals, embankment has breached. Fifty thousand persons in Nepal and 2.5 million in Bihar are experiencing the fury of the Kosi flood. Embankments are no solution to the flood problem.

Land is finite while its needs are infinite. Following China's example of industrial clusters, strategically paced along the coastal regions, state governments in India have planned to set up a large number of Special Economic Zones popularly referred to as SEZ. A special legislation, Special Economic Zones Act, was passed.