The Directorate of Urban Local Bodies, Haryana, has served a time-bound notice on all municipal councils to stake claim to the smart city status.

Participating in the ongoing parliamentary elections is the last thing on their mind.

The Haryana Government has fulfilled a long-pending demand of Punjabi farmers in the state by bringing in a legislation that will restore land to them on lease for 99 years.

The state had evicted many farmers, who had been tilling land given to them on lease, after the expiry of the lease period in 1972.

Haryana and Punjab have long been at loggerheads over the sharing of river waters. The issue has been brought up time and again but political compulsions do not allow either of the states to go ahead and resolve the matter. The SYL canal has time and again hampered relations between the two states.

It even saw the killing of 31 migrant labourers who were digging the SYL in May, 1988, bringing the construction of the canal to a halt.

Disaster management is the last thing on the mind of the Punjab Government.

Despite several meetings with the Planning Commission, the Punjab Government is yet to give its response to the inter-state project to tame the Ghaggar.

Himachal Pradesh and Haryana have already assured the Centre that they will participate in the project.