Recent tests carried out at the Kelani River have indicated that the purity level of the water is diminishing and therefore may not be appropriate for drinking purposes, an environmental NGO said y

Environmentalists yesterday called on the authorities to suspend a private hydro power project in Warathenna, Kandy after dead fish of a critically endangered species known as Labeo Fisheri, commonly known as the

Some 905 cases of dengue with eight deaths have been reported in the city since January, the Colombo Municipality said yesterday.

It said these figures were bound to rise further because of the heavy rains in some parts of the country.

Colombo Municipality Chief Medical Officer Pradeep Kariyawasam said 222 cases of dengue with one death were reported this month.

In a bid to ease the growing human-elephant conflict in the country, wildlife authorities said yesterday that moves were underway to restrict the habitat of rogue elephants to a 2500 acre jungle area in Veheragala, Lunugamvehera and Horawapathana.

Wildlife Conservation Department, Director General, Chandrawansa Pathiraja said rogue elephants from other areas would be trans-located to these loca