The occurrence and distribution of 81 wood decaying fungi on different hosts in forest wood depots of Chhattisgarh is reported. The study area is confined to nine wood depots and each wood depot, depending on area occupied, is divided into five sectors.

Effect of application of biofertilizers, Azospirillum, phosphate-solubilising bacteria (PSB) and arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi was studied in a factoral experiment on production of planting propagules (stumps) of teak in nursery. Seed germination was maximum in Azospirillum treatment followed by its combination with AM and PSB after two months.

The present study of Bichlari Nala, flowing through Banihal and Ramban (J&K State) has been selected for the potential of surface water resource and its quality has been evaluated thoroughly to generate baseline information.