In the context of achieving a national set target of 60 GW by 2022, a study was carried out in Kayathar, Tuticorin district, Tamil Nadu, India on noise propagation from wind turbines. Acoustic and non-acoustic parameters were measured according to IEC 61400-11 at wind speeds of 4–13 and 0.7–8.6 m/s. 

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Toxicity evaluation is an important parameter in wastewater quality monitoring as it provides the complete response of test organisms to all compounds in wastewater. Grab samples of raw and ozonated textile dyeing wastewater was collected from the textile mill in Erode, Tamil Nadu.

Environmental audit was conducted in a small scale electroplating industry located at Ambattur in Chennai. The unit is engaged in hard chrome plating on various automobile components.

Recent study on ground water quality in Lakshadweep Islands shows that groundwater in these islands are mainly contaminated by domestic sewage and sea water intrusion. Contamination by domestic sewage is attributed to tank used by the islanders for sewage disposal. In the present study, an Anaerobic Single Baffled Reactor is introduced as an improvement to these tanks.

The textile industries in Tamil Nadu are in the process of providing zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system and they are in need of suitable technology for colour and organics removal so as to reduce the chemical consumption, energy consumption and sludge generation, which are problems in the conventional treatment methods.

In the present study, an attempt has been made to evaluate the treatability of a combined tannery and domestic wastewater using lab-scale activated sludge reactor under extended aeration.

The management of biomedical waste in health centres, clinics and hospitals is gaining importance in recent times, since it has a lot of hazards and impacts on people and environment.