The Shivalik landscape is extended from the Indus basin to the Brahmaputra with one gap of over 300 km from the Sapta Kosi to the Manas river. The Shivalik landscape, has been categorized under Indo-Gangetic plains and it has special significance in India's biogeography due to intermingling of taxa from the Indo-Malayan and Palaearctic regions.

This latest WII report documents the patterns of black bear

The Chenab Valley in Urgam Reserve Forest of Chamoli District (Uttarakhand), was surveyed during March-April 2005, to estimate abundance and record observations on the group sizes, sex ratios and habitat utilization pattern of Himalayan tahr and Goral.

In 1994-1995, the first author evaluated the status and distribution of the Asiatic Black Bear in India and reported presence of the species in 53 protected areas and 62 other localities. After 10 years, we assessed the status and distribution of the Asiatic Black Bear through a questionnaire survey (n=90), results of recent field surveys, and expert knowledge.