The adivasi people living near the Orissa-Andhra Pradesh border face the challenge of having to live with elephants which, according to the Elephant Task Force, have been

The Green Revolution impacted livestock-rearing as well as agriculture. Farmers were encouraged to shift from low-input backyard systems to corporatised capital-intensive systems. As a result, write Nitya S Ghotge and Sagari R Ramdas, there was an artificial divide between livestock-rearing and agriculture, leading to the further crumbling of fragile livelihoods of small and landless farmers.

Since 2005, shepherds and farmers from different parts of India- particularly from the states of Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka and Maharashtra have reported that their animals (cattle, buffaloes, sheep and goat) that have grazed on genetically modified cotton or have been fed genetically modified cotton seeds have fallen sick and in some instances have died.