Allaying France’s apprehension stemming out of the Shiv Sena’s opposition to the nuclear power plant at Jaitapur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has conveyed to the French government that there is “n

Its healthcare system crippled by international economic sanctions, Iran has asked India for help to procure life-saving drugs for patients battling critical illnesses in that country.

Tehran has put in an urgent request to New Delhi for drugs to treat lung and breast cancers; brain tumours; heart ailments; infections after kidney, heart and pancreas transplants; meningitis in HIV patients; arthritis; bronchitis and respiratory distress in newborns; and epilepsy, South Block sources told The Indian Express.

Russia has told India that Kudankulam nuclear power plants 3 and 4 would cost “double”, after New Delhi decided that the next two reactors would come under the new civil nuclear liability law, and

The US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Tuesday said the new Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) guidelines on the enrichment and reprocessing (ENR) technology should not be construed as detracting from the Indo-US civilian nuclear deal, and pressed New Delhi to ratify the Convention on Supplementary Compensation (CSC)

In a bid to smoothen the distribution of foodgrain across the country, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has approved the developing of a National Foodgrain Movement Plan that will tie up with the UPA government