Chennai: Ask a lay person about nuclear energy and the Kudankulam plant and the chances are the images conjured up will be of two big domes against the backdrop of the Bay of Bengal.

Now setting up a wind farm to generate electricity any where in the country is just a mouse click away.

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu has the enviable status of being one of the largest wind power-producing states; it also possesses more around 7,800MW installed capacity of this renewable power.

Awareness on toxicology is important among the public as food safety and public trust are under threat and debate, former director of CSIR labs G Thyagarajan has said.

With the new government at the Centre looking to quicken the nod for infrastructure projects, Chennai-based activist Arun Krishnamurthy cautions that development should never be at the cost of envi

The short evening spells might have brought some respite from the soaring heat, but doctors say chances of dengue are high during such brief spells.

Nevertheless, government hospitals here claim they are well-equipped to face any emergency as officials deny any 'mystery fever' stalking hinterland. Even as Chennai Corporation has been organising awareness campaigns on infectious diseases as a precautionary measure, government hospitals have joined hands to make sure the city is dengue free.