This study is an attempt to understand the lived experience of people affected by land use change and related conflicts. Equally, if not more importantly, this research seeks to analyse what affected people do when such conflicts arise. What are the strategies they adopt and what kinds of remedies do they seek?

On 15 July, the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi hosted a group of professionals working on rural housing in diverse geographies of the country. The agenda for the meeting, which was co-hosted by several partners, was to present a portal built for the rural housing sector ( and to get feedback before the portal goes live in a month.

During the day, Amanjeet Gill is a diplomat, tall, urbane and well travelled. But on weekends, 41-year-old Gill becomes a farmer. He is the driving force behind a non-profit called the Farmer

T-Zed Homes, a housing complex on six acres of Varathur Road in Bangalore has new age apartments built by Biodiversity Conservation India Ltd (BCIL), Asia's largest green building company.