A study of 32 tribal villages of Pimplad, Maharashtra, shows that the solar lamp is the most sought after renewable energy gadget. The study also revealed that proper training of each benefi ciary family and the provision of a dependable, low cost and easily accessible facility for repairs and maintenance ensures that the
lamps continue to remain in regular use.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) solar lights is emerging as an alternative to the grid powered conventional street lighting systems in rural areas because of their superiority in energy effi ciency, lumen depreciation, operation and maintenance. Solar PV powered LEDs for street lighting systems are ideally suited for rural areas where grids are weak and there are frequent disruptions and outages of conventional electric power.

Wind power is a formidable source of renewable energy. The article seeks to acquaint the reader with the developments in this sector with particular reference to Rajasthan.

The potential of wind energy in solving the energy crisis is significant and the small wind turbines popularly known as SWTs are poised to go a long way in achieving energy empowerment for rural India. This article seeks to explain the mechanism behind the technology of SWTs.

Wind energy in Tamil Nadu has witnessed tremendous growth propelling the State to the number one position in India in terms of renewables. However the challenge that remains is the huge investment that is needed on evacuation infrastructure and grid management.

Kerala has an abundance of wind energy resources that needs to be harnessed. The article is a report on the potential of wind power in the State, the need for it, the challenges involved in harnessing it and the steps taken to effectively put to use this abundant resource.

More than 90 per cent investments in the wind power sector come from private sector which indicates that we have adequate capacity and desire to harness wind energy. however, we need a stable regulatory and policy framework and better incentive mechanisms to achieve the target of the 12th Plan period in particular, and the target of 15 per cent of renewable power by 2020, in general.

India with its enormous wind power potential is poised to enter a new era where wind power may become the panacea of all our energy woes.

An outstanding effort to generate power from a Biogas Power Plant in a residential higher secondary school which has helped this sizeable institution meet its everyday needs from cooking to generating power for running various machines.

Growing environmental consciousness and the adverse effects of climate change, are propelling governments to support initiatives towards the development of eco-friendly mobility solutions including electric vehicles. Efforts have to be made to orient the use of electric vehicles to niche situations and markets where their limitations can be leveraged by design.