A rural area of western Rajasthan was surveyed for diarrhoeal disease. The objective of this study was to carry out analysis of domestic water use and environmental health.

Forested landscape is not meant for the animals only birds also inhabit the forest. Many components of the environment, including vegetation structure, plant species composition and vegetation stratification affect the distribution of bird species.

Home-garden-system is an ecosystem of different kind and a common feature of most suburban landscape in many rice farming tropical countries. If these kinds of ecosystems are well maintained, well-developed and used most sustainably; they can contribute a lot to the conservation of biological diversity by lessening the destructive use of the few nature reserves and forest ecosystems remaining.

For the present study, an attempt has been made to study the effect of cypermethrin and fenvalerate on oxygen consumption of the freshwater hill stream fish, Garra mullya (Sykes). The fishes were exposed to 24 h lethal concentration (0.18 ppm) of cypermethrin, whereas 24 h lethal (0.26ppm) and two sub lethal concentrations (0.086 and 0.026 ppm) of fenvalerate for different time periods.

The physico-chemical quality study of the underground water in Alwar town of Rajasthan has been taken up to evaluate its suitability for domestic purpose. 56 ground water samples were collected from different places of Alwar town.

Experiments have been carried out on the impact of commonly used pesticides on the population of earthworms and enchytraeids in rice-wheat cropping system.