The government of Gujarat plans to establish a seprate department on Climate Change becoming Asia's foremost state to do so.

To reverse the impact of global warming on climate change, it is estimated that the average worldwide carbon footprint should be reduced to about 2 tons. While a significant part of this reduction has to come through government policies, individual efforts can also cut carbon footprints.

Imagine creating a 5 million new jobs in the current recession scenario. Barack Obama's new clean energy stimulus package coupled with an investment $150 billion over a period of 10 years could make it possible.

Mithradham, implying 'the abode of the Sun and the house of a friend' is an NGO based in Chunangamveli, a beautiful village in Kochi, Kerala. Headed by Dr George Peter Pittappillil, the Mithradham Trust was founded in 1998. "Our NGO is engaged in cultivation, processing and marketing of spices from Kerala through the use of solar energy."

Electricity generation through solar energy can prove to be economical in numerous remote villages like Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu that faces massive power cuts.

Auroville, a small community in Pondicherry is involved in a microcosm of sustainable practices through focus on solar energy.