Power Demand At 3400 MW, Erratic Spell To Stay New Delhi: Common wisdom that sporadic showers will ensure regular electricity is increasingly becoming a myth in the Capital. Even as the peak power demand in the city hovered around 3,400 MW, long outages were reported from many parts of the city

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It's payback time for Delhi's discoms. Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) has devised a new way to ensure that consumers' grievances are addressed

Jeddah: Finance minister P Chidambaram on Sunday made a case for oil producing nations to step up output and regulate prices failing which developing nations stood to lose their hard-earned

Move Meant To Distance Itself From Hike In Fuel Prices Kolkata: Desperate to distance itself from the decisions of the Congress-led UPA government at the fag end of its tenure, West Bengal's Left Front government is slashing sales tax on petrol from 25% to 20% and on diesel from 17% to 12.5%. The cost of the

Says Fuel Price Rise Unjustified, Wants PM To Resign Gauging that it could only add to the its ammunition against the government in a year leading up to the Lok Sabha polls, BJP on Wednesday reacted strongly to the government's decision to hike fuel prices, saying a "directionless' UPA has unleashed "economic terror' on the nation.

Says It Was Inevitable In Wake Of Global Spiral Pointing to a sharp escalation in global rise in oil p r i c e s and food and commodities, P r i m e Minister Manmoh a n Singh on Wednesday said that a rise in fuel prices was "inevitable' even as the government has done its utmost to impose only a "moderate' burden on the people.

Consumers have not taken too kindly to the government's decision to raise the price of LPG cylinders by Rs 50 in a single stroke. With inflation touching an all-time high, it has anyway been a tough balancing act for homemakers to juggle their household expenses and the gas price rise is bound to upset their budgets even further.

Steady rise in fuel prices seems here to stay and each price rise is bound to have an impact on monthly budgets. With petrol becoming dearer by a steep Rs 5 and diesel by Rs 3, auto experts say that simple changes in driving habits and minor alterations in lifestyle can ensure the hike does not hit as bad.

Cosmologists Are Unable To Understand What Is Making The Galaxies Defy Cosmic Gravity Baltimore: Mario Livio tossed his car keys in the air. They rose ever more slowly, paused, shining, at the top of their arc, and then in accordance with everything our Galilean ape brains have ever learned to expect, crashed back down into his hand. That was the whole problem, explained Livio, a theorist at the Space Telescope Science Institute here on the Johns Hopkins campus.