In a significant development on role of hydropower projects in Uttarakhand flood disaster of June 2013, the Expert Body (EB) headed by Dr Ravi Chopra has recommended that at least 23 hydropower projects should be dropped, that hydropower projects played significant role in the Uttarakhand disaster and that there is urgent need to improve the env

Mumbai Metropolitan Region is planning and building over 12 dams in the ecologically fragile, biodiversity rich Western Ghats region. This is a predominantly tribal belt. By very conservative estimates, these dams will submerge more than 22,000 hectares land, including over 7000 of forests and 750 hectares of Tansa Sanctuary.

Multiple dams are planned and are under construction on the west flowing rivers near Mumbai for the growing drinking and industrial water needs of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) and the entire Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR).