What message does the GEAC decision send? The members could not reach a consensus on the commercialisation of Bt cotton. Some members were not convinced with the results of the

After the success of the Mundanmudy project, rcss applied to the Union ministry of non-conventional energy for the dealership of Aditya solar shop, a shop that sells solar equipment in Cochin.

Researchers at the University of Toronto, Canada have been able to predict rises in sea level attributed to global warming. Usually global warming models predict that the poles will warm up quickly,

The Cochin-based directorate of cashewnut and cocoa development has asked all cashew corporations in Kerala to stop aerial spraying of the endosulfan pesticide. The directions were given following

Arsenic has been found in groundwater in seven districts of West Bengal covering an area 37,493 km having about 34 million population. Our survey indicates that 560 villages are arsenic-affected and more than a million people are drinking arsenic contaminated water and more than 200,000 people are suffering from arsenic-related diseases.

At a time when USA is banning MTBE , Indian public sector companies, with the blessings of the petroleum ministry babus, are promoting its use

Linking trade and environment benefits industrialised countries in every way. And they will promote their civil society to create a bigger and bigger fuss about it