The potato, native to South America, invaded England in 1588, the year Elizabeth I's devil may care sea dogs vanquished the Spanish Armada. It has since spread throughout the world, leaving its most edible mark on various cuisines.

DID AKBAR, the great Moghul (1556-1605), relish dam aalu? Probably not, especially as one doesn't have firm evidence he did. The record kept by his minister, Abul Fazl, of crops grown in India in

Traditional medical and agricultural practices, usually dismissed as unscientific, are regaining favour, with some help from Honeybee a journal that documents rural wisdom.

A Pikhor blacksmith has invented more than 20 agricultural tools.

Birds killed by chemicals inspired a villager to experiment and come up with a natural pesticide.

A traditional water harvesting system helps green a dry region.

The Raika tribals have developed an exhaustive system of veterinary medicine based on local herbs and products.

THE UNAVAILABILITY of green fodder in hill areas in the dry season is a major problem for residents. But botanists A B Bhatt and Neelam Rawat of the H N Bahuguna Garhwal University have conducted a

A new, non toxic variety of kesari dal is being field tested in different parts of the country by IARI scientists.

It's a scam with a difference. Khem Singh Gill, vice-chancellor of Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana, and a noted wheat-breeder himself, is the target of allegations that PBW 34, a