N B L Prasad and G Azeemoddin at the Hyderabad-based Oil Technological Research Institute have discovered that the seeds of an Australian species of Acacia can be crushed to yield oil while the

INDRA VASIL was one of the first scientists to successfully manipulate wheat plants using genetic engineering techniques. Before he came in, wheat was extremely difficult to manipulate. He and his colleagues introduced a gene into wheat that rendered the

A rice hybrid developed in India can help reap an extra Rs 2,500 per ha

An Indian scientist has produced a rice hybrid tolerant to saline conditions using a tissue culture-based method known as the "embryo rescue technique" (Current Science, Vol 67, Nos 9 and 10). K K

Applying small quantities of fertilisers repeatedly gives a better crop yield than a single large dose

Recently developed hybrid true potato seeds are ideally suited to subtropical climates and are highly disease resistant

The largest collection of germplasm in the world will be handed over to the Food and Agriculture Organisation to ensure equal accessibility

Human made triticale is nutritionally superior to wheat and could become a major foodcrop in the lower Himalayan region

In a recent breakthrough, an Indian mushroom has been found to be extremely effective in controlling heavy metal pollution

BIOTECHNOLOGY has been occasionally caught giving itself a pat on the back and parrying questions of ethics by flaunting its effects on crop production, rice included. The information contained in