Blind terror: 80 per cent of the world's sightless are in the developing world, and the number will double by the turn of the century. Carl Kupfer is the director of the National Eye Institute, Betheseda, USA. He tells the author that blindness is not onl

The trials run before introducing drugs into the market are peppered with death-inviting inaccuracies and even brazen lies

...or how to use garbage to generate power

Electric cars and scooters may soon be a reality on Indian roads

INDRA VASIL was one of the first scientists to successfully manipulate wheat plants using genetic engineering techniques. Before he came in, wheat was extremely difficult to manipulate. He and his colleagues introduced a gene into wheat that rendered the

Artificial fat globules called liposomes can reduce the side effects of drugs

An incurable lung disease digs the grave for workers employed in sandstone mines and brick and cement factories

Picture this: A doctor draws out cells from a foetus to diagnose if it will develop into a normal child. A simple and quick test of the sample indicates that the child could be struck with a debilitating disease for which there is no cure in its adu

In Bombay, simple technologies are being used to convert garbage into fuel and biofertilisers.

Here's the changing face of multinational companies: Headquartered in Europe, R&D in the US, produced in Asia and marketed around the world. One huge glpbal institution powered by the latest communications technology.