The balding hills of Jadhera panchayat in Himachal Pradesh are regaining their vegetation, thanks to an unusual village chief

Tribals have been fighting the Koel Karo dams for the last 20 years the longest struggle against a project. Now, a fresh budget fuels the controversy further

Are goats responsible for increasing desertification? No, say many environmentalists and researchers. In fact, this hardy animal fertilises degraded land efficiently, besides being a valuable source of income and nutrition for the poor

THIS was one storm that the meteorologists couldn't predict. When Vasant Gowariker, scientific adviser to the Prime Minister, and a team of meteorologists from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), announced in early April that the coming monsoon will be on the lower side of normal, the prediction drew a great deal of flak.

What will happen now to the Tehri dam? Even as engineers and environmentalists await the Prime Minister's verdict on the project, the proposed dam has been hit by yet another tremor the drying up of Soviet funds

Ayurvedic formulations have been found effective in countering the stresses of living in high altitudes

Biological molecules hold the key to understanding diverse life processes and to correct aberrations

Over the next few years, ozone loss is projected to go from to worse

Taxol, an effective anti cancer drug that was approved for use in the US last year, will soon be available in India at half the cost

Scientists at the National Chemical Laboratory are working on rice biotechnology in order to develop more nutritious varieties of the cereal.