A recent study reveals how the snow cover in Asia and Europe controls the intensity of the Indian monsoon.

The Supreme Court will decide whether medical practitioners can be held guilty of criminal negligence under the Consumer Protection Act.

Little was achived at the December climate meeting in Geneva by way of setting schedules for future sessions,mainly because of stalling tactics by OPEC countries.

Indiscriminate poaching, abetted by government apathy and sympathy from villagers displaced from their traditional forest habitats, is fast wiping out India's tiger population.

The hybridisation of tur dal has made it higher yielding and less vulnerable to disease. But only rich farmers will be able to buy the seeds.

Developers of a new, clean and efficient process for coal based power generation say it will not become popular unless the government enforces stricter environment protection standards.

Scientists are using DNA to be 99.99 per cent sure of an individual's and paternity in criminal cases

Known in ancient India as a tree with many wondrous properties, the neem tree is slowly drawing the attention of the country's scientific and entrepreneurial community.

States are complaining that project clearance delays are turning out to be the worst fallout of the Forest Conservation Act, which has otherwise successfully stemmed the erosion of forest cover in the country

Three years after a public interest litigation case was filed in the Supreme Court to stop a local factory polluting its drinking water, the wells in Bichhri, a hamlet in Udaipur district, continue to be full of contaminated water. Why is public interest