Indian scientists have found a chemical that cleans antique metallic objets d:rt without damaging the patina

Even modern technology cannot equal the uniformity discovered in fine gold and silver threads found in a 17th century Mughal tent

With mechanical assistance, Indian sugar cane cultivators can give their backs a break

Applying small quantities of fertilisers repeatedly gives a better crop yield than a single large dose

As traditional coal run brick kilns in Kaithal turn polluters, moves are afloat to shift them out of villages

Recently developed hybrid true potato seeds are ideally suited to subtropical climates and are highly disease resistant

The largest collection of germplasm in the world will be handed over to the Food and Agriculture Organisation to ensure equal accessibility

Human made triticale is nutritionally superior to wheat and could become a major foodcrop in the lower Himalayan region

Cotton farmers in northwest India were taken by surprise when, despite a pesticide blitzkrieg, the American bollworm devastated half their crops. Now, the farmers can"t pay up the loans they took to purchase pesticides and are turning to other crops. A to

Indian cows and baffaloes can be made to lactate without becoming pregnant