JODHPUR: Rajasthan is earning a notoriety for the poaching of the national bird ---- peacock. Wildlife activists and bird lovers feel the bird is in peril in the state.

AJMER: Forest department teams on Tuesday evening went deep into the jungles of the district where for the next 24 hours they will count the animals in the region.

AJMER: Altogether 586 villages in Ajmer district have been identified as a water-crisis zone where the drinking water problem has made life miserable for the villagers.

In 193 villages, the PHED has started supplying water and gave assurance to cover the rest in the coming days.

As mercury shoots up in the region, the problem of drinking water started.

"These villages are identified by th

AJMER: The Union ministry of earth sciences predicts that Rajasthan will have huge sandstorms in the future as an effect of climate change. The state is now in the danger zone 3 of earthquake. The ministry has decided to build observatories in various parts of the country to calculate the climatic conditions.

The Rajasthan Government has set the target for disbursement of crop loans worth Rs.6,000 crore to farmers through village cooperative societies this year.

Ajmer: The Atomic Mineral Department (AMD) of India has started an aerial survey in Pushkar region to explore the deposition of Uranium after a preliminary confirmation of radiation in this arid place. A 15-member team including specialists from India, Canada, US and other countries will conduct the aerial survey with high-tech helicopters to find the Uranium deposit in the earth.

JAIPUR. Swine flu toll continued to swell in the state as three more deaths were reported in Ajmer and Udaipur on Friday. The official H1N1 toll since April now stands at 52.

Despite the government's efforts, the disease has continued to spread across the state and claim more lives. It has emerged as a major threat to pregnant women and children in the state.

Jaipur: The swine flu menace continued its upward march in the state with 31 new cases being detected on Monday. The total number of H1N1 positive cases now stands at 448.
According to director, medical and health OP Gupta, no death has been reported in the state on Monday.

Ajmer: Several lakes in Ajmer district had received decent water during monsoon this year. However, these lakes are back to square one as most of them are drying up fast.
According to irrigation department, Beer lake, which had 11 feet water a few weeks ago, now has only 1.5 feet. Rajiyawas lake had more than 8 feet water, but now it is left with only 1.11 feet.

Jaipur: Serious irregularities have surfaced in the payment of wages to workers under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) across Rajasthan.