Ambala: The OYE Ambala ! Campaign, which is an abbreviation for Open Your Eyes (a collective change, a better managed city and a cleaner Ambala).

57 करोड़ की लागत से तैयार होंगी तीन बड़ी परियोजनाएं57 करोड़ की लागत से तैयार होंगी तीन बड़ी परियोजनाएं
नगर निगम अंबाला सदर क्षेत्र में पेयजल, जल निकासी व सौंदर्यीकरण से

The Haryana Government has released a grant in aid amounting to Rs 10.56 crore for development works in Municipal Corporations, Municipal Councils, Municipal Committees and Haryana Slum Clearance B

Conversion charges for plots, sheds in these estates approved

The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of leachate recirculation on stabilisation of  municipal  solid  wastes.  The  study  was  carried  out  by  using  two  lab­  scale  landfill bioreactors  containing  approximately  10  kg  of  waste  each,  in  order 

CHANDIGARH: The Haryana Government has taken up a project under the Economic Stimulus Package to provide 100 per cent coverage of water supply and sewerage facilities in 14 towns, an official spokesman said here on Monday.

Several villages in Barara area are facing a flood threat after the Dadpur-Nalvi canal, which passes through Ambala, Kurkshetra and Kaithal districts, breached at several points and flooded the fields in Adhoya and nearby villages.

Locals said the canal was dug in 2004 on an assurance that it would irrigate the parched lands of the three districts.


Three more cities -- Ambala, Kanpur and Dehra Dun -- were on Wednesday included on the list of counter-magnet cities for the national capital region (NCR) with the aim to check migration in Delhi.

Ambala, May 04 In a historic judgment delivered by a Fast Track court here on Saturday, the proprietary rights were restored to the owners of around 10,000 acres of land of the Ambala Cantonment. Judge A K Shourie restored land to the owners that had been rented by the English in 1843 from the villages of Babyal, Chhabiana, Kardhan and Nangal when the military cantonment was established at Ambala.