Kurnool, Sept. 13: In the wake of wild animal attacks on cattle and humans, the forest department has concentrated on the leopard population to drive them back into the forests.

Following a leopard attack on pilgrims trekking the Tirumala hillock, forest officials kept surveillance on their movements.

Anantapur, Aug.

Hyderabad, Aug. 30: The Telugu Desam president, Mr N.

Anantapur, Aug. 29: The drought-prone Anantapur district once again lost a golden opportunity to conserve rainwater for groundwater recharge this monsoon due to the apathy of minor and medium irrigation officials.

After nearly three years, the district has received a record rainfall from the last two months.

Aug. 22: The state roads and buildings minister, Mrs Galla Aruna Kumari, said that proposals had been made for projects worth Rs 3,560 crore, extending to over 712 projects for the state. The Central governm-ent too has given a positive picture, stating that the State of Accruals were in proper shape due to which a sub-meeting would be soon organised.

Anantapur, Aug.

Anantapur, July 25: With the soaring price for gold in markets, several gold mining companies have come forward to undertake gold mining operations across Rayalaseema.

Ramagiri mandal in Anantapur district is famous for gold mines.

Anantapur, July 20: Jubilant small and medium scale entrepreneurs came forward to set up various industries in Anantapur district, following state government

July 1: Scarcity of funds has hit the afforestation programmes in Anantapur district. The district has 1,989 sq km of forest land out of a geographical area of 19,134 sq km. Forests are being destroyed here for firewood, erratic rainfall and heavy soil erosion.