In developing countries, 11% of arable land could be affected by climate change. Indeed, farmers are already facing the impact of climate change.

Anantapur, June 29: Karnataka has decided to release water from the Tungabhadra dam to its right bank high-level canal on the Anantapur side for Khariff agricultural season on July 10.

There had been incessant showers in the dam

THE Andhra Pradesh government, in Supreme Court on Wednesday, accused the whistle-blower in the Bellary mining case of indulging in similar illegal activities as by the Reddy brothers. The apex court acting on the plea of state government restrained SK Modi-owned Bellary Iron Ore Pvt Ltd (BIOP) from exporting 1.03 lakh tonnes of mined iron ore.

Anantapur, June 10: People of at least 40 villages under Kanekal, Beluguppa, Bommanahal and D. Hirehal mandals in Anantapur district are shivering with the impending accumulation of sand dunes that create havoc in this part of world during July to September, an annual and unavoidable phenomena.

Anantapur, June 4: The survey being conducted under the aegis of the Survey of India (SoI) to determine state borders in the controversial Obulapuram mining area in Anantapur district is confining itself to establish temporary borders.

Karnataka officials are expressing doubts over the establishment of temporary borders.

Anantapur, June 1: Migration from rural areas, due to limited livelihood opportunities, inadequate wages and lack of people

J. Venkatesan

NEW DELHI: A vacation Bench of the Supreme Court on Monday directed the writ petition filed by the former deputy general manager with the Obulapuram Mining Company (OMC), V. Anjaneya, to permit him to become an approver and witness against the alleged illegal mining operations by the Reddy brothers, to be listed for hearing before the Forest Bench.

In a new twist to the alleged illegal mining by Reddy brothers' Obulapuram Mining Company (OMC) in Ballery forests, the Supreme Court on Monday referred to the "green bench" a petition by a former company officer, seeking to become a "witness and approver" to show how they had "manipulated" the survey report on the leased mines in its favour.

A. K. Shiva Kumar

The glitter of growth has added little sparkle to the lives of many peasants and rural workers. Deprivation, discrimination, and disadvantage dominate the everyday lives of large sections in rural Andhra Pradesh, an important new study*finds.

Anantapur, May 16: Anantapur district has the largest acreage under groundnut in the country.
For farmers in this district, groundnut is a preferred crop since it survives the rough terrain and the uncertainty of rainfall. The crop can withstand upto 50 days of dry spell.