Shimla: Not willing to take any chances, the Wildlife Department is going in for DNA sampling of eggshells and chicks of western tragopan at its aviary in Sarahan where the highly endangered bird is being bred in captivity as part of a conservation programme.

- Two-year programme to boost endangered four-horned antelope, Indian giant squirrel count

In Numbers game: Indian giant squirrel and four-horned antelope

Ranchi, July 15: Birsa Munda Zoological Park is all set to chip in to save endangered wildlife.

Siliguri, July 11: The Bombay Natural History Society is inching towards releasing the first set of vultures from the three captive breeding centres of the country, one of which is in Jalpaiguri

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Rajkot: In order to provide the fast-growing dairy industry in various districts of Saurashtra with more milk-yielding indigenous breed of cattle, Junagadh Agriculture University (JAU) in Junagadh will soon establish a Bull Mother Farm for indigenous Gir cattle and Jaffrabadi buffaloes at Amreli.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that a Breeding Centre for white tigers would be established at Govindgarh in the district.

''The erstwhile royals of Rewa had first located the White tiger in the region and since then Rewa's name became synonymous with white tigers across the world,'' he told reporters here on Saturday.


The Green Revolution impacted livestock-rearing as well as agriculture. Farmers were encouraged to shift from low-input backyard systems to corporatised capital-intensive systems. As a result, write Nitya S Ghotge and Sagari R Ramdas, there was an artificial divide between livestock-rearing and agriculture, leading to the further crumbling of fragile livelihoods of small and landless farmers.

Mumbai : The Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) has for the first time successfully bred in captivity 16 vultures through artificial incubation at its breeding centre at Pinjore, Haryana. The Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre (VCBC) has also rescued an injured white-backed bird of prey from Ahmedabad.

mumbai In what could be hailed as the first step towards the restoration of the dwindling vulture population in India, the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) has successfully bred 16 vultures in captivity in its Vulture Conservation Breeding Centre (VCBC) in Pinjore, Haryana.

First pulses, now milk. The common household is compelled to give up on its easy sources of protein.