To adopt scientific fish culture it is most essential to collect good quality fish seed so that one can get actual benefit in fish production. It is observed that genetically degraded fish seed never achieves the actual growth rate. This due to induced breeding of different Indian major carp species together that inbreeding generally occurs.

The three-day workshop for those involved in goat rearing organised by the Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation Organisation (HESCO) concluded in Dehradun on Thursday. Local residents engaged in goat rearing participated in the workshop which was coordinator by senior social activist Jaipal Singh Chauhan.

Himani Purohit convened the concluding session of the workshop.

Subhash Chandra N S, Bangalore, December 23, DHNS:

The State Forest Department and the CID Forest Cell are at loggerheads with the Tamil Nadu Forest Department (TNFD) over illegal trade of quails.

Any time now female Olive Ridley turtles will start crawling on beaches in and around the city. When they do, it will be among the few times they will leave the sea to perform one of the most important activities of their lives -- laying eggs. They will then leave and return only in time for the next nesting season.

Over 225 exhibitors, including 63 from nine other countries, will be participating in the Agro Tech 2010, which begins tomorrow.
Charu Mathur, regional director, CII northern region, said that nine concurrent shows would be on at Agro Tech 2010.

Main focus of the livestock development policy is to augment farmers
income through accelerated growth of livestock sector. Main objectives are: Two fold increase in livestock production in next 8-10 years formeeting internal demand and for export; Increasing productivity along with improvement in quality of products; and
Augmenting farmers income.

Poornima Nataraj, November 28, Mysore, DH News Service :

It could be their home away from home.

In line with the request of the Twelfth Regular Session of the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, this report follows the outline set out in the document Format and content of future status and trends reports on animal genetic resources.

Darjeeling, Sept. 27: Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park has decided to conduct the breeding of red pandas in the natural habitats to make the endangered species more adaptable in the wild before their release in forest.


Vijaysinh Parmar | TNN

Jasdan (Rajkot): Given that the Gir cow is indigenous to Gujarat, local business should have been milking it to earn foreign exchange. But it seems far away Brazil is doing a better of this. The South American country today has around 50 lakh heads of this unique breed known for high milk production.