Sustainable harvesting of chiru may help save the Tibetan antelope

A revised law of the Thailand government banning the use of fishing gear during the peak breeding season cannot be enforced due to strong opposition from commercial fisherfolk, stated Dhammarong

Only special breeding programmes and creation of corridors can save the lion tailed macaque from extinction

with the advent of the breeding season, the blue hills of Munnar in Kerala are once again alive with frolicking calves of nilgiri tahr. The first birth of a tahr calf was

Farmers and livestock owners are herding in a fortune as the animal sciences go into overdrive and squeeze out maximum yields

Indian Council of Agricultural Research Krishi Bhawan New Delhi 110 001 Bharatiya Cattle Resource Development Foundation F-58, Kalkaji New Delhi 110 019 National Dairy Research

The social behaviour of a bird species found in Africa is remarkably similar human actions

Using artificial methods to increase the number of superior breeds of cows and buffaloes, scientists hope to make India abundant in milk.

Judgement of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of Mohd. Hanif Quareshi & Others Vs State of Bihar dated 23/04/1958 regarding total ban on the slaughter of all categories of animal, of the species of bovine cattle.

Supreme Court after going through the issues have reached the following conclusions: