Europa, Callisto & Ganymede Fulfil All Conditions Needed To Sustain Life

Boston: A recent study by four scientists has revealed that Nasa’s Viking missions in 1976 could have detected life on Mars.

Washington: The early days of our solar system might look quite different than previously thought, claim physicists.

China’s third lunar probe, Chang’e-3, is expected to be launched next year and it will conduct moon landing and lunar explorations, a top space official has said.

Experts Suggest New Theory On Formation Of Our Planet. Washington: Earth might have formed from collisions of many different types of meteorites, scientists suggest.

A Nasa spacecraft has detected oxygen around one of Saturn's icy moons, Dione.

Astronomers have discovered a new planet in our galaxy that is unlike any other found so far: Both the planet and its atmosphere are mostly water, though none of it is liquid.

These Cosmic Bodies Don’t Orbit Any Star, Belong To A Whole New Class Of Alien World

An astronaut attempting to visit recently discovered planet GJ1214b would land in hot water — literally, American scientists say.

An experiment to test the thermal conductivity of ferro fluids in space, devised by an 18-year-old from Bangalore, is vying for the top prize in an online competition: a chance to have his experime