Washington: Astronomers have spotted a rare mid-weight black hole some 290 million light-years from Earth which they say offers clues about a now-destroyed galaxy that may once have existed around

Beijing: China has put off its plan to send a manned mission this year to experiment space rendezvous and docking mission.

Swiss scientists say they plan to launch a “janitor satellite” specially designed to get rid of orbiting debris known as space junk.

Geneva: The tidy Swiss want to clean up space.

Washington: The supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way may be devouring asteroids on a daily basis, a new study based on findings by Nasa’s Chandra spacecraft has suggested.

A Permanent Lunar Base Can Be Set Up By Adapting Tech Used In Building. Could the United States establish a moon colony and develop a new propulsion system for going to Mars?

Washington: Fearing a catastrophic galactic collision, the US has said it will hold talks with the European Union, India and other nations , to develop a code of conduct for activities in outer spa

HOUSTON: Milky way after all is milky in colour for sure! Scientists have revealed that our galaxy is aptly named Milky Way as it looks white, the colour of fresh snow in the early morning.

WASHINGTON: Astronomers should start hunting for planets like the Tatooine in the science fiction series " Star Wars", as Earth-like worlds could exist in the habitable zones around binary systems,

Two robotic probes began orbiting the moon Sunday in preparation for an unprecedented mission to map the lunar interior.