The ancient Martian crater where the Curiosity rover landed looks strikingly similar to the Mojave Desert in California with its looming mountains and hanging haze, scientists said.

NASA’s Curiosity rover has transmitted its first colour photo and a low-resolution video showing the last two-and-a-half minutes of its dramatic dive through Martian atmosphere, giving a sneak peek

If Martians exist, those in the vicinity of the Gale Crater were in for a treat this Monday: Curiosity reached their planet.

In a flawless, triumphant technological tour de force, a plutonium-powered rover the size of a small car was lowered at the end of 25-foot-long cables from a hovering rocket stage onto Mars early o

With pride, relief and exhilaration, NASA engineers and officials erupted in cheers and hugs early on Monday with confirmation that the Curiosity, a car-sized, plutoniumpowered robotic rover, had l

The government has given its go-ahead to an ambitious Rs 450-crore scientific mission to send a satellite next year to orbit around Mars which is believed to be the most similar planet to earth in

New Delhi: Four years after successfully launching a moon probe, India has decided to make another ambitious space effort by sending an orbiter to Mars in November 2013.

Melbourne: Astronomers at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the Carnegie Institution of Washington believe they have discovered a planet right at Earth’s front door that may be capable

Study Debunks Theory That Comets From Outer Solar System The Likely Source.

WASHINGTON, 12 JULY: US astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered a fifth and tiniest moon yet orbiting the icy dwarf planet Pluto.