Beijing: A Chinese spacecraft carrying three astronauts docked manually with an orbiting module on Sunday, a first for the country as it strives to match American and Russian exploits in space.

Nasa Spacecraft Suggests Water Source On Lunar South Pole

The Shenzhou IX manned spacecraft will be launched at 6:37 pm Saturday, according to a decision made by China's manned space docking program headquarters.

New Delhi, June 11: A physicist in Calcutta and a graduate student in Bangalore who jointly simulated the solar interior on computers have discovered that the Sun has a short memory — only about fi

Washington: Astronomers claim to have found evidence that suggest a planet four times the size of Earth may be skirting the edges of the solar system beyond Pluto.

A team of scientists from Mumbai will leave for Nagpur on Monday to investigate and study the impact of last Tuesday's large meteorite shower in the Katol region which damaged several houses, an of

London: A 150-foot-wide, 140,000 tonne asteroid may come so close to Earth next year that it might destroy communications satellites.

Astronauts Being Trained For Mission To Look For Minerals, Get Info On How To Destroy It.

Washington: Earth-like rocky planets that humans could live on may be more common in the universe than stars, says an international team of planetary scientists which included an Indian-origin rese

SRIHARIKOTA (ANDHRA PRADESH): India's second Moon mission Chandrayaan-2, slated for 2014, will have to wait till the country's space agency flies two of its heavy rocket - Geosynchronous Satellite