Washington: Astronomers have discovered two clouds of gas which they believe were formed in the first few minutes after the Big Bang that created the universe.

A Russian Soyuz rocket blasted off amid heavy snow in Kazakhstan on Monday morning, beginning a two-day trip to ferry three astronauts to the International Space Station and opening a new era of US

As Russia’s space agency struggled Thursday to fix a probe bound for a moon of Mars that instead got stuck in Earth’s orbit, some experts said the chances of saving the $170 million craft looked sl

Bhopal : A Geo-Special Fair is being organized in the capital from November 06th till November 11th under the joint direction of Indian Society of Remote Sensing and Madhya Pradesh Council of Scien

For his paper on ‘dynamics of dark matter’, Jamia Millia Islamia scientist Mohammad Sami will share a citation given by the Nobel Prize committee for the year 2011.

China today successfully launched an unmanned spacecraft for its maiden docking mission, paving the way for its first space station by 2020 to rival Mir, the space lab being run by Russian and US a

Washington: Astronomers have discovered a mysterious little dwarf planet which they believe is covered in ice and may sport the wispy remnants of an atmosphere.

Singapore: A cyclical drop in the sun’s radiation can trigger unusually cold winters in parts of North America and Europe, scientists say, a finding that could improve long-range forecasts and help

A study using the Herschel space telescope aimed to measure the fraction of deuterium, a rare type of hydrogen, present in the comet’s water.

Three U.S.-born researchers shared the 2011 Nobel Prize in physics for discovering that the universe is expanding at an accelerating rate, a startling result that overturned prevailing theories and