Solar lamps and solar home systems are increasingly seen as a route to electrification in rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. Much of the population that would be served by such systems is vulnerable to climate variability and extremes.

For the first time, on the dimly glowing remnants of a failed star mere light-years from Earth, scientists have found evidence of water clouds beyond our solar system.

A centre of excellence specialising in reading space weather conditions to help air traffic on polar routes would come up here by the middle of this year, the first of its kind in the country.

CHENNAI: As part of efforts to minimise power consumption and promote renewable energy sources in government buildings, the Prison Department is proposing to install solar power system in high-security prisons.

Thiruvananthapuram: A public comfort station invariably conjures up images of grimy walls, damaged cisterns, soiled toilet seats, and shabbily dressed cleaners spitting pan juice all over the floor.

Now replace all that with swanky exteriors, gleaming metal walls, an automatic flushing and cleaning system, and a remote-controlled operating mechanism.

Too good to be true?

ISLAMABAD (May 01 2010): Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started homework to run streetlights on solar energy. CDA Spokesman Ramzan Sajjad told APP here Friday that assessment into this effect was taken in view of the shortage of electricity as well as government's energy conservation plan.

Scientists searching for a planet like Earth said on Tuesday they have found the smallest planet ever detected outside the solar system, less than twice the size of our own.