Amid growing complaints of irregularities and misuse of mid-day meal schemes, a review meeting was held at the conference room of the DC

The agricultural policy of the State, which is in the making will be designed to make agricultural sector more competitive, economically viable and to improve the condition of the farmers, among others, said Agriculture Minister Pramilarani Brahma in the State Assembly today.

The Central Government has released an amount of Rs 334.698 crore to the State, against an allocation of Rs 9,253.4301crore during the period of 2007-08 and 2009-10, for six major-medium and 461 minor irrigation projects. These projects are designed to create an irrigation potential of 2, 21,112 hectares under the Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP).

BARPETA, June 19: Safakamar residents have alleged the Gobardhana Development Block in Barpeta district for misappropriation of funds from the Calamity Relief Fund which was released to construct a boulder spur bund along the Beki river to prevent erosion.



Massive quantities of water let out by Bhutan Government at Kurishu Hydel Project, flowing through Beki river have caused devastating floods and erosion in greater Kalgachia area. The flood waters have breached the Kalgachia-Tengai gaon PWD Road.


BARPETA: Though the Government has initiated a number of development and employment-generating projects, yet due to the lack of commitment and indefferent attitude of a section of officers and politicians, a large number of such projects undertaken in Barpeta district have either been abandoned or are laying half done.

Rampant poaching threatens wildlife in Manas National Park twelve persons were arrested for smuggling skins and bones of wild animals near the Manas National Park in Assam