Child labour are working in very large and alarming numbers in the iron-ore and granite mines of Hospet-Bellary region of Karnataka state in direct violation of the constitutional rights of children. Most of the children are migrant labourers.

Apart from iron ore and mining, Bellary is also home to the Kudithini power plant. The plant fulfills ten per cent of the state

BANGALORE: The Karnataka High Court on Thursday directed the State government "to put a hold on all mining activities in forest areas' as there was a need to conserve existing forest wealth.

The Daroji Bear Sanctuary, home to the sloth bear, proves that even small wildlife habitats can bounce back if given due care and attention. Unusual and charming: A sloth bear comes for its quota of jaggery at the park.

Life may soon return to the dusty 19th century palace grounds of the Raja of Sandur in the Ramandurga hills near Hospet in Karnataka. A well-known private company is likely to buy the property and possibly restore the old buildings for offices. It will do this not for the site's historical worth, but for the value of what juts out of the ground around it: a thick vein of high-quality iron ore.

Rampant illegal iron ore mining in Karnataka s Bellary district