Even as construction of houses under Integrated Slum House Development Project (ISHDP) is going on in the city, Berhampur Municipal Corporation (BMC) has taken up a project to construct 6,000 house

BERHAMPUR: People in Ganjam district are reeling from severe scarcity of water following disruption of water supply in both rural and urban areas, including Berhampur.

After claiming a life and affecting 67 children in Ganjam's Dasiarampalli village, measles has now spread to Rambha.

BERHAMPUR: The government has decided to sink at least 45 tube-wells in the town and press more tankers into service to mitigate the drinking water problem this summer.

Poaching of migratory birds continues unabated in the Chilika Lake despite warning by wildlife officials against killing of winged guests in Asia’s largest blue lagoon.

The inhuman practice of manual scavenging is prevalent in Berhampur, notwithstanding its ban.

BERHAMPUR: Heavy siltation of the Rushikulya river has led to increased conductivity of the water and the river bed has risen up to the land level making it unfit for consumption and even cultivati

Bhubaneswar: Despite death of 149 elephants, mostly due to poaching and electrocution during last two years in Odisha, the population of pachyderms has increased to 1930 from 1886 in 2010.

Short supply of seeds from the Agricultural Department has distressed farmers in Ganjam district raising doubts over kharif cultivation.

BHUBANESWAR: Large-scale erosion of Olive Ridley nesting grounds in the State has prompted the Wildlife Wing to look for answers.