Bhubaneswar: There has been no respite so far in the in the heat-wave conditions in the State with at least 14 districts recording over 40 degrees Celsius on Sunday the death toll due to sunstroke

Bhubaneswar: At least 65 persons have reportedly died so far due to sunstroke even as severe heat wave continues to whip the entire state, throwing normal life out of gear.

BHUBANESWAR: In a major boost to sustainable agriculture technology for soil management, the Agriculture Department has proposed to establish 20 new soil testing laboratories in the State.

BHAWANIPATNA: The revamped public distribution system (PDS) has already been implemented in Kalahandi.

BHAWANIPATNA: Sanitation in urban pockets of Bhawanipatna is dismal owing to the lackadaisical attitude of the municipal authorities.

BHAWANIPATNA: The benefits under the Rashtriya Suraksha Bima Yojana (RSBY) have failed to trickle down to the beneficiaries the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families.

Though launched as a pilot project in Kalahandi in November 2009, poor management and lack of awareness among the BPL beneficiaries have marred the cashless treatment provision.

Out of the surveyed 2,24,859 BPL families, 1,03,083 f

SAMBALPUR: Heatwave has gripped western Orissa with the temperature refusing to relent. And the clear sky with no rain forecast for the coming days, there has been little relief for the denizens with water scarcity staring in their faces.

The district has witnessed a sudden rise in maximum temperature that is hovering between 32 and 38 degree Celsius till now.

BHAWANIPATNA: Fly ash, red mud and lime grit are some of the wastes generated by alumina refineries and if not properly disposed of, these may cause health hazards. But the enterprising have the Midas touch. Many ancillary units have come up in the district which are thriving on these wastes. They use the wastes as material.

BHAWANIPATNA: Kalahandi is the grip of cold wave with a constant dip in temperature noticed from the beginning of this week. The town recorded 6 degree Celsius today while chill in the interior and hilly regions was reportedly more intense.

BHAWANIPATAN: Their hopes to earn profits from the crops this festive season have fallen flat. Pest attacks in menacing proportions have left thousands of farmers of Kalahandi shocked.