Biogas, which is generated from organic digestion under anaerobic conditions by mixed population of microorganisms, is an alternative energy source, that is now being utilized both in rural and industrial areas. Biogas technology offers an attractive route to utilize certain categories of biomass for meeting partial energy needs. (Correspondence)

Chandigarh: The Haryana government plans to generate power from biodegradable waste like kitchen waste, garden waste, horticulture waste and animal fallings.

Transition from fossil fuel dominated energy to clean, carbon compliant sources demand its generation from alternative sources that could provide flexible and scalable solutions. This is the big challenge in view that the gas and coal fired installations continue to increase unabated notwithstanding the harsh realities of global warming and climate change consequences.

Batch digestion of vegetable waste slurry was carried out in the laboratory using 2.5L capacity bottle reactors for 60 days at ambient conditions. The biogas yield from vegetable waste over the length of the digestion time was observed to be 0.391L/g of VS fed.

Urban Development Minister Joaquim Alemao today said that the Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP) is currently facing crisis in collecting and disposing municipal solid waste due to non-availability o

Treatment of wet organic waste such as kitchen waste has been currently one of the important environmental issues that need to be resolved. Kitchen waste has a potential to recover biogas by application of anaerobic treatment.