Incidentally, culling of poultry and bird of other exotic species had to be done in Hathijan village of Ahmedabad a few days ago after outbreak of bird flu was confirmed

Ahmedabad: Many restaurants and hotels in the city have stopped serving chicken dishes on their own, to safeguard their custom from bird flu related complications, after the state government issued

A team from Health Ministry set to visit the site today.

Researchers brave polar bears, mosquitoes and gull attacks in the Canadian Arctic to investigate an alarming die off.

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Pune: The Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) along with Wetlands International is organizing Asian Waterbird Census (AWC) to count waterbirds all over India.

BHUBANESWAR: With deaths of birds reported from several places and cases of bird flu confirmed in the state, chicken and egg business has got affected badly in the capital city.

Climate change may cause the wing length of some birds to rapidly grow, according to scientists who warn that even small rise in temperatures may have a profound effect on various species.

Migrating birds are responding to the effects of climate change by arriving at their breeding grounds earlier as global temperatures rise, research has found.

Birds have evolved larger brains to cope in harsh environments where the tasks of finding food, evading predators and finding shelter are more demanding, say scientists who predict that smart creat

South Korea on Monday mobilized armed forces to play an active part in its biggest-ever poultry cull as the spread of a highly contagious strain bird flu continued, ordering that another 1.6 millio