People pump out water as if it rains underground. There is no shortage of water but a dearth of application of mind

AJIT JOGI, the first chief minister of Chattisgarh, speaks to DOWN TO EARTH on sustainable development of the new state


Fighting the drought preoccupies the new government. Charting a mining policy to explore the rich mineral deposits is next on the agenda

The process of alienating people from natural resources has not stopped, even with the attainment of statehood

Most politicians and activists see the Forest Conservation Act as a hurdle towards empowering the tribal population. They want the act amended

Rich in natural resources but extremely poor, the three new states are in need of a new strategy for development. But no blueprints have been drawn so far. DOWN TO EARTH reports on the posers thrown up by the birth of Chattisgarh, Uttaranchal and J

Daewoo Power India Ltd has pulled out of the 1,070 mw Korba (east) thermal power project in central India, becoming the third foreign firm to withdraw from Indian power projects this

Ahead of the Paris climate summit, India has pledged to cut carbon emissions but said that even though coal is polluting, it will continue to dominate its power needs. The answer, says the government, lies in clean-coal power plants also called supercritical power plants.

Planting a tree is not just digging the soil and planting a sapling. The key lies in nurturing the planted saplings which, if done properly, will contribute immensely in increasing green cover and ensuring ecological balance.