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The three-decade-old deer park on Berhampur University campus in Ganjam district is all set to be shut and its animals shifted to Gajapati district.

India’s only extant red deer species, the Kashmir red deer, or hangul (Cervus hanglu hanglu) is restricted today to the confines of the 141 sq. km Dachigam National Park (NP) in Jammu and Kashmir, with about 200 surviving individuals. A continual population decline of hangul has necessitated the identification of relict populations and suitable habitats outside Dachigam NP, so that a meta-population approach to its conservation may be employed.

The census work began at 12 noon on May 10 and lasted until 12 noon of May 11.

Sighting of swamp deer population, outside their sole habitat and protected zone of Jhilmil Jheel Conservation Reserve in the state, across Ganges had been heartening news for the wildlife lovers.

In an alarmingly steep fall in the population of a protected species, blackbuck numbers in Bareilly district have fallen by more than 71%, from 578 in 2013 to just 171 in 2016.

VELLORE: Soon, the Amirthi forest range would find a spot in the map of eco-tourism in the state.

The Temaiken Foundation, a non-governmental organization which aims to preserve Argentina's biodiversity, is now working to save the marsh deer, an animal declared to be a national treasure of Buen

Hyderabad: The month of May claimed three more lives at the Nehru Zoological Park.

Jaipur: Monsoon did not bear happiness for deer in Jodhpur. Since the first spell of rain on June 27, 51 deer were injured in various incidents and had to be taken for treatment.

Pandas do not like it hot and rising temperatures can also put pressure on their food supply by eliminating vast amounts of bamboo plants, researchers say.