Trade a new thermometer for an old one. This is the message that a bill approved by the US senate seeks to give. While it bans mercury thermometers, it has provided US $20 million for the exchange

A new, cancer screening technique developed

David Smith, a British chemical physicist, and Patrick Spanel, a Prague-based physicist, have deve

• DENGUE DETECTION KIT: Casil Health Products Ltd, Ahmedabad in colla-boration with Pan Bio Pty Ltd, Australia has developed a rapid detection kit for the dreaded dengue fever . The detection

Ruthenium Iinked DNA strands can make genetic testing cheap enough to be commonly employed

DETECTING the deadly hepatitiS-B virus will now be easier, thanks to a new technique developed at the Delhi-based International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. Instead of the

Detecting the body's fat deposits

Virtual reality's first human ghost is going to bail out medical research

The many applications of high temperature superconductors

A software programme called Computer Imaging Sperm Selection (CISS) that scientists working with rare animals incarcerated in zoos use to enhance the chances of fertilisation, is now being tested on