A new technology could take out the agony from cancer detecting tests

ALZHEIMER's disease can now be diagnosed much before the accursed. symptoms mature. Gary W Small of the University of California (Los Angeles School of Medicine), Allen D Roses of the

New chemical compounds have made radiographic imaging for tumour detection cheaper

Two new tests allow a faster and more accurate detection of tuberculosis and hepatitis B than possible earlier

Indian scientists have developed a kit to detect a disease caused by tapeworm larvae, which doctors often confuse with tuberculosis of the brain.

Dipstick, an inexpensive and quick HIV test developed in the United States, is now being manufactured in India.

WAS ROBERT C Gallo guilty, along with his colleagues at the US National Institute of Health, of scientific misconduct for their conduct and reporting of the crucial experiments that led to the

Partha Chaudhury, chief of nuclear medicine at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Centre in New Delhi, explains radiopharmaceuticals What does the new radiopharmaceutical promise to do?

easy rabies cure: Tobacco plants have been genetically modified to produce proteins used to combat the rabies virus. Till now, the only way to fight the virus was to use antibodies derived from

Cost effective and easy way to test aflatoxin contamination evolved