Ariane 5's nosediving end threatens to terminate Europe's leadership of the commercial satellite industry and push forth other contenders like the US, waiting in the wings

Electromagnetic interference, due to radio waves emitted by gadgets like cellular phones can create widespread havoc. For instance, they can signal disaster by confusing aeroplane computers

The cyber revolution is swamping the world. But what is it engendering - concept of the global village or information elitism?

Late last year, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Indian Railways (IR) castigated the for squandering money on import deals which would not fully satisfy India"s needs for indigenisation of technology. Down To Earth discovered that though el

The six year long wait for the Galileo trip to Jupiter started paying off scientific returns last fortnight, as the data sent by the probe was analysed and NASA scientists released the first results

A solar system within a solar system? Seems like a riddle, but if one planet can hold 1,000 earths, is 318 times as massive and 1,400 times more voluminous, what do you call it? Jupiter, with its 16 moons.... Jupiter, the father, the god who ruled

The battle of the genders intensifies as scientists discover that the differences begin, and perhaps end, at one of the human fundamentals: the brain

The recent breaking away of a massive iceberg from the Antarctic peninsula has generated a heated debate on the bothers of global warming

A new instrument measures the concentration of haemoglobin in the blood

What fearful paralysis of spirit is it that ails the Indian scientific establishment?